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📥 Direct link :  https://youcinetv.app/apptv/

You can download youcine for tv box Android, now in any tvbox mode you can install this application quickly.

You can enjoy the best live sports events, watch movies and tv series online. Try youcine on tv box with Android TV.

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How to install youcine on a tv box

Now we have compatibility with all models and brands of Android TV Box.

Nvidia Shield, Xiaomi Mi TV Box S, SUNNZO X96 mini, Khadas VIM3, T95 S1 Android TV Box, Beelink GT King, RK3399, Magcubic 6K+ Ultra HD, Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2020, Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, T95 MAX, Beelink GT King, Magcubic 6K+ Ultra HD, Nvidia Shield TV 2022, S905x2.

youcine installation for TV BOX

Download Downloader

Download the DOWNLOADER app on your tv box, this download manager is available for all tvbox models.

You can download it from the Play Store for free.

DOWNLOAD App Youcine

When you open the downloader on the main screen you should see the download link:

  •  https://youcinetv.app/apptv/

Type the URL correctly to download the app and install it.

Install and open Youcine

After downloading the application to your tvbox you have to install it and start using it.

Below we have provided step by step details so that you can install the app.

Remember that you can buy youcine to watch live sports, soccer games with the best price in the market.

Install youcine on tvbox

With the help of images you can see the instructions that must be followed to have youcine on a tv box with Android. In the same way we leave you possible solutions if you have problems in the installation.

Download and install Downloader

All the tv boxes have the Play Store, we have to enter it to search DOWNLOADER and download it on your tv box.

This application allows you to download apps from the internet, outside the Google Play store.

youcine downloader

Copy Youcine download link

After installing the downloader we have to open it to place the download link and then click on “GO” as shown in the image.

  •  https://youcinetv.app/apptv/

Remember to write the download link correctly.

Install Youcine App

When the download finishes, DOWNLOADER automatically shows you 3 options, the one we are interested in is INSTALL as shown.

In this way we will install the youcine application on a tv box.

Final installation on android tv box

Again when the INSTALL option comes up we have to select it. Simply with the remote control or control of your tv box we must select INSTALL and that’s it.

With this would finish the whole process to install the app with the help of downloader.

Have youcine in tv boxes

The final step is to open the app and start watching the sports channels it shares with us or simply choose your favorite movie or series.

Remember to be connected to a good quality internet connection to enjoy live and hd content without problems.

youcine app fire tv stick 4k pro

Error installing on TV BOX

In case you have any error when downloading youcine with downloader, we recommend you to do the following:

* If downloader does not download the app we recommend you to check the download URL link or also delete downloader and reinstall it.

* A second option is to download the app using Google Chrome, just enter the download link and the app will download.

* You can also use the Send File app to transfer the app from your mobile to the tv box and then install it.

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Download youcine for tv box. Install youcine app on Android 4k tvbox for free. New version 2023.

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